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Get Germanized F.A.Q.

  • Where can I start learning German with you? Dominik’s most popular learn German video might be a great start!
  • How can I immerse myself better in the German language and culture?
    Dominik always suggests the following: „Set your operating system on your pc/mac/phone to your target language, read books/watch movies/play video games in the language you want to learn, use a variety of sources to learn like apps, YouTube channels, podcasts and anything that you are interested in really. Try learning vocabulary about a topic you are passionate about because that will make learning so much easier! Look for friends on pages like Interpals or apps like Ablo and practice speaking as much as possible. If you can travel to the country where your target language is spoken and don’t take the easy route by only using English!“
  • How long have you been making YouTube videos?
    „I’ve used YouTube since it came out around 2006.“
  • How did you get started?
    „When I was a kid my friend and I recorded silly radio shows with my tape recorder where we’d pretend to be guests and hosts of our own show called ‚Night-Lite TV‘. As teenagers we’d progress to the next step and record it with my dad’s camcorder and we’d do skits, special effect videos and montages of us riding around on our motorcycles. Some of it was quite good and some of it just wasn’t. We had fun though! My English teacher said I should use the language as much as possible if I wanted to become better at it and when YouTube came around I obviously used the opportunity to do just that. I uploaded videos I’d film anyway and tried talking about my native language and culture to the people of the world in English. They started asking more and more questions about my life and the German language and so my channel slowly progressed into what it is today.“
  • How long does it take you to make a video?
    „That really depends. I can film, edit and upload a really easy video in a day. When it comes to using different cameras/angles, visual/sound effects, subtitles and maybe even costumes/different characters it might take considerably longer.“
  • How did you come up with your project name?
    „That depends on which one we are talking about. The channel ‚Meisterlehnsherr‘ was born in 2009 but the name itself is much older. When I was a kid me and a friend of mine, let’s call him Alex, were acting silly during history class once. We were talking about feudal lords and he acted as if he was a lowly farmer and I was the lord. He said ‚Oh, Meister Lehnsherr (master feudal lord) don’t take my land from me!‘ and I was like ‚Mwahahaha!‘. So when I needed a name for a channel with an unknown purpose in 2009 the choice was clear. In 2013 I realized I wanted to try and do this YouTube thing for a living so I needed a more professional brand name. I asked a viewer of mine at the time and together we workshopped the name „Get Germanized“. It sounded sleek and on point so I ran with it.“
  • What are your aliases on the internet?
    „There’s Meisterlehnsherr, Get Germanized, Vuko (on Twitter) and Onkel Herzlos (one of my oldest and least used names).“
  • How do you get confident talking to a camera/filming in public?
    „By doing it. Over and over again. Watch some of my super awkard first YouTube videos and you’ll see I wasn’t always the charm machine that you see before you now.“
  • How do you find the time?!
    „I made this my main job!“
  • How do you come up with video ideas?
    „Most days it’s pretty easy. My mind works in mysterious and random ways. I get ideas/inspiration from pretty much anything I encounter or think about. On slow days I sometimes search the internet for hours on end for inspiration though, haha. I suppose after over 13 years of doing this there are bound to be slow days.“
  • What would you do if you didn’t do this?
    „I always thought I’d either become a journalist or work in media some other way. So maybe a show host or I’d work for a video game magazine.“
  • How do you earn money?
    „Through YouTube ads, Patreon and paid YouTube channel memberships, donations, merch and sponsorships.“
  • What music do you like?
    „When I was younger I’d only listen to rock and metal (which still is my main focus these days) but now I pretty much listen to anything from classical music to K-Pop. Here’s a playlist of my favorite (rock) songs for you to enjoy!“
  • Favorite film, game, and book?
    „Favorite film: The Lord of the Rings (don’t ask me which one!!1). Favorite game: Secret of Mana Favorite book: The Lord of the Rings“
  • Who is your favorite YouTuber and why?
    Pewdiepie. Because he’s been doing what he loves for so long and his passion, success and persistence is a true inspiration to me.“
  • What was the best vacation you ever took?
    „The trip I took to Japan for my 30th birthday in 2016 with some of my friends. It was magical!“
  • What is your least favorite thing about doing Youtube?
    „Probably that you often are confined to the office. Editing in front of a computer is what takes up most of my time I think. Also, not being able to ‚really‘ turn your mind off of work pretty much ever. Social media is everywhere and hard to avoid completely.“
  • What do you do about nasty or negative commenters?
    „I usually just ban them if the comment is really mean. In the past I tried talking to people like that but I noticed over the years that I just don’t have the mental energy to argue with every troll that comes out from under the bridge.“
  • Have you ever had any setbacks and if so, what did they teach you?
    „Many. Sometimes it was hard to pick myself up again but it taught me that life goes on and you always come out of the other end stronger than you were before. It might take a lot of time and hard work but if you don’t give up any situation will teach you something valuable.“
  • Who would be your ideal partner?
    „Someone who accepts and understands my way of life, someone who is kind, funny, intelligent, caring, nerdy, creative, talented…and super sexy :’D Okay, I know, unrealistic.“
  • Cats or dogs?
    „Dogs but I like cats too. I’ve just always had dogs so I don’t really have the same bond with cats. Yet.“
  • Have you ever been featured in the news?
    „Yes, a couple of times actually! Once for the PPAP cover my friend Dave and I did (it was featured on Japanese TV) and one time German TV showed how refugees used my channel to learn German. These are the ones that I’m aware of!“
  • If I want to share with you something or participate in your content, how do I reach out to you?
    „You can contact me via lehnsherrbusiness@gmail.com or send me a private message on Instagram.“

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